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Investigating some of the "reportedly" most haunted locations in America...

Princeton, West Virginia

Background History

Lake Shawnee, West Virginia, is reported to have been home to a Shawnee Native American tribe.   In 1775 Mitchell Clay
moved his family onto this land.   Years later Native Americans came on the farmstead, killed two children and
kidnapped a third.

In 1926 C.T. Snidow acquired the land which was the original Clay homestead.   He would open an amusement park on the
property with a variety of carnival rides, swimming areas and some cabins to rent.   The amusement park remained open
until 1966.   Gaylord White bought the park in 1985 and operated it for a few years before it closed.

There are claims the land is haunted by all of the deaths that have occurred on the here, as well as the discoveries of many
Native American graves.   Many people claim that they have seen a young girl alleged to have died in an accident on the land
in 1953, during the time it was an amusement park.   There are also reports of unidentifiable shadows and strange orbs have
been witnessed on the property.

Investigation 09/15/2012 (10pm - 3am Investigators -- #7) -- Evidence -- (5) Class B - C evps
Personal Experiences -- None

Data recorded on investigation -- Audio, Video, Photographs, EMF, Temperature, Personal Experiences

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park Photo Album