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Investigating some of the "reportedly" most haunted locations in America...

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Background History

Phelinda Humiston owned and operated the Gettysburg Orphanage shortly after the battle of Gettysburg.   Phelinda's own
husband and father of their three children had been killed in the battle.   Phelinda helped to raise over sixty children from
eleven different states and cared deeply for all the children.   However circumstances forced her to move away from the
orphanage and leave the children in the care of a younger woman named Rosa Carmichaels.   This was a big mistake,
although there was no way Phelinda could have known it at the time.    But Rosa was a merciless sadist who beat the
children and tortured them, tying them up in the basement for days and even killing some of them.

Word spread after a runaway was caught and told of her experiences at the orphanage, which included being beaten by
teenage boys who Rosa armed with sticks, and being tied to a fence in the hot sun until she suffered serious burns.
Torture devices were later found at the house.   The basement had actually been converted into a dundgeon where
children were shackled to the walls and left to die.

Soon the orphanage was closed and the building was left vacant until 1950 when it became a Civil War museum.   Today
the building is known as a hot spot for paranormal activity with experiences ranging from disembodied children's
voices to numerous people being physically touched.

Investigation 01/21/2012 (11pm - 3am Investigators -- #4) -- Evidence (1) Class A evp
Personal Experiences -- whispers heard in the basement (Class C), investigator touched

Data recorded on investigation -- Audio, Video, Photographs, EMF, Temperature, Personal Experiences

Gettysburg Orphanage Photo Album