Chronicles News and Notes

The latest information from the Black Raven Chronicles

Season 2 News
Season 2 of the Black Raven Chronicles is slated for the fall of 2018 and already there is
a lot of excitement about the locations that are being added to the schedule.   We are
very happy to announce that the team will be travelling to Tombstone, Arizona to
investigate the Bird Cage Theater.   What an awesome location to kick season 2 off
on!   You think of Tombstone and you think of the OK Corral, Boot Hill Cemetery
and the gold and silver rushes of the late 1800s.

Equipment Manufactures
If you are someone who produces or manufactures paranormal equipment, we would
love to feature an approved piece of your equipment in a series episode of the Black
Raven Chronicles this fall.   This is a great opportunity for your products and
your business in general.   Please email us at

The Twisted Raven
We will be unveiling a NEW added BONUS feature to the Black Raven Chronicles
called the Twisted Raven very soon.   We will be making a formal announcement
soon with complete information and details.   Fans, supporters and followers of
the Black Raven Chronicles will be very excited about this MAJOR announcement.

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