Ghostly evening tours of historic downtown Staunton, Virginia.
Looking forward to seeing you this season!      Welcome to our 11th Season!
We have recently been featured in the Daily News Leader and the News Virginian

Our aim is to provide a quality tour that blends history and hauntings.   We strive
to educate, enlighten, and entertain you with our own unique blend of the
paranormal, science, history, and local legend.

Weekend Tours in October (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Please check our October Schedule closely below.

Our Queen City Ghost Tour is our most popular and longest
running ghost tour.   Join us for a 90 minute tour of the
Queen City by lantern where history and hauntings meet.
Mary Baldwin, James Vames, Myrtle Knox and Jimmy
Atkins all helped shape the historical and haunted
landscape of our small town since its inception
in 1747.   Come hear their stories.

October Schedule -- Friday Evenings at 7 pm

Stops include -- 1. Depot Station, 2.Clock Tower Restaurant,
3. Suntrust Bank, 4. Emilios Restaurant , 5 Mary Baldwin
University and 6. Charlotte Kaufman House


Experience a darker side of Staunton as tour guide
and author (Fear the Reaper) Dave Simms will lead you
through town sharing historical, haunted experiences
and events that reveal a more disturbing side
of the Queen City.

Oct. Schedule -- Friday and Saturday Evenings at 8 pm

Stops/Stories Include
1 - Western State Asylum (Eugenics), 2 - Lewis Creek,
3 - Courthouse, 4 - Trinity Church, 5 - Bank
(Staunton's Tunnels), 6 - Washington Tavern


The Wayne Theatre presents Ghost Tours on three
consecutive Saturday nights in October.   The theatre
has partnered with Black Raven Paranormal of Staunton
to present the tours on October 13, 20 and 27, at 7 p.m.
and 8:30 p.m. each night. This 75-minute walking tour led
by Matt Willis will include ghost stories, lore and a few
scares along the way.   Recommended for ages 9 and up.

October Schedule -- Saturday Evenings at 7 and 8:30 pm


Join tour guide Lewis Wiseman on a journey to one of
Staunton's most haunted locations,the DEPOT STATION.
Hear the stories, information and experiences that make
the station a paranormal, haunted hotspot.
Who are the departed souls that wander the depot station?

Then participate in a LIVE audio session to try to
communicate with those on the other side with a device
known as a spirit box. The spirit box is a device used
for contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency.
Amazing results have been captured using the box.
While we do not guarantee results everytime out using
the box, it certainly is an interesting tool nonetheless.

Oct. Schedule -- Sat. Evenings 8:45 pm, Sun. Evenings 7 pm
Wednesday Evening, October 31st HALLOWEEN at 7 pm


Please check back for selective book signing dates

We here at Black Raven Ghost Tours are very excited and
happy to announce the arrival of Dave Simms new book,
entitled "Fear the Reaper". Dave's book details the eugenics
movement in America during the 20th century and the
treatments for mental illness. Dave is an author & tour
guide with Black Raven Ghost Tours and resides in
Staunton, Virginia. Don't miss out on this exciting
NEW book. Purchase your copy today!!

Very excited and happy to announce now available "Our Ghost
Walk Journal" by our very good friend Cheryl Morris. This is
a must have for any ghost tour fan!

And now you can record your experiences with this journal
tailored specially for ghost walk tours. And not just the tour,
but your entire visit, too, with pages to describe the attractions
you visited, favorite hotels and restaurants, souvenirs
purchased, and friends you made along the way.


Clocktower Restaurant      Emilios Restaurant      Jiffee Mart      CiCi's Pizza      Wrights Dairy Wright

Surratt Tire      City National Bank      Belle Hearth Bed and Breakfast

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