Ever notice how more and more paranormal shows and groups constantly capture haunted activity
every time out in the field.   Is this possible?   What is the reason for this?    Are some groups just more
or better equipped to capture data?   Or are you being misled on purpose?   Perhaps some groups
mislead themselves and poorly evaluate their data.   Do true paranormal groups really try to
rationally explain or even debunk their data? Through our years of investigating hauntings,
we have found out more often than not that paranormal activity simply does not happen
on cue, or sometimes at all.   Does that make a location less or not haunted?   Certainly not,
for we believe a good investigation of a location should actually be a combination of several
trips and investiagtions to compare data and evidence.   Many groups simply misinterpret their data.

In most of these cases whether its intentional or not, you are being deceived.   In the case of most
television shows, it is simply for ratings.   Many social media paranormal groups post everything
and anything, perhaps to entertain and engage their fan base.   What do you think?   Does this do
damage to the paranormal field in general?   The following link below may shed a little more light
on the subject.      GHOST HUNTING SHOWS FAKE

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