Gordonsville, Virginia

Background History

The Exchange Hotel was built in 1860 next to an important railroad junction, where it offered a welcome stopping place
for weary passengers on the Virginia Central Railway.   During the civil war in 1862, because of its location, the Exchange
Hotel became part of the Gordonsville Receiving Hospital, admitting more than 23,000 sick and wounded in less than a year.
Although this was primarily a Confederate facility, the hospital treated the wounded from both sides.   Twenty-six Union
soldiers died here.   By the end of the war more than 70,000 men had been treated at the Gordonsville Receiving Hospital
and just over 700 would be buried on its grounds.

In the reconstruction period, the hospital served the newly freed slaves as a Freedman's Bureau Hospital.   As the United
States healed and the railroads boomed, this building again became a hotel and enjoyed a fine reputation until the 1940s
when it went into decline.

Exchange Hotel Investigations

Investigation 05/16/2009 (8pm - 10:30pm Investigators -- #4) -- Evidence -- (2) Class C evps
Personal Experience -- Investigator alone on second floor setting up dvr hears someone whispering
behind their back.   When they turn around to acknowledge the voice, there is no one there.

Investigation 08/21/2009 (8pm - 10:30pm Investigators -- #2) -- Evidence -- (1) Video below
Personal Experience -- Investigator seen shadow person out of corner of their eye, along with
movement (noise) upstairs of Summer's Kitchen.

Video captured from the Summer's Kitchen

The following video shows a orb slowly rising from
the chair to the far right and gliding to the right.
This activity was recorded on August 21, 2009.
This evidence was featured on the televison
show "My Ghost Story" season 2.

Exchange Hotel(08/21/2009)

Investigation 03/03/2012 (8pm - 5am Investigators -- #7) -- Evidence -- (4) Class A-B evps

Investigation 06/09/2012 (8pm - 5am Investigators -- #4) -- Evidence
Photographs shown below -- 3 photographs 06/09/2012

Photographs captured by Angie and Chris Fulk

From left to right (photos above), Robin in the hallway with what appears to be an image of a little
girl very close beside her as seen in the reflection in the mirror.   The hotel staff has identified this
little girl as "Emma" and states she appears frequently in photographs.   The next two show light
anomalies from the Infirmary Hall and outside.

Data recorded on investigation -- Audio, Video, Photographs, EMF, Temperature, Personal Experiences

Exchange Hotel Photo Album

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