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New Season begins April 2018
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The Black Raven Chronicles
Black Raven Paranormal was established in 2005 and since
that time has been actively researching and investigating
paranormal anomalous activity at locations across the US.

Their mission is to provide evidence of life after death. The
team has consistently shared their findings to the public
online, at their website, but in
2016 the team decided they wanted to share not only their
evidence, but their process as well. In the Spring of 2017
they began filming ‘The Black Raven Chronicles,’ documenting
their investigations and findings at 5 major locations set to
premiere in Season One: The Hinsdale House, The Clocktower
Restaurant and Bar, The Dunkirk Lighthouse, Montgomery
Hall Plantation and The Farnsworth House Inn.

Season One made its debut on November 5th 2017
@ 12am on the WVPT/PBS network.

From the Black Raven Paranormal Team
“We are beyond grateful to have an opportunity like this; to
be able to share our passion for the paranormal with all of
you! We truly hope that you enjoy the show as much as we
enjoyed filming it and that you continue to follow us on our
journey as we’ll begin filming for Season Two early in 2018.
We would like to give thanks to George Lilly, Senior Producer
at WVPT as well as the rest of the staff for their support and
assistance with this project. We’d especially like to thank our
amazing editor, Kevin Sennett for helping to produce ‘The
Black Raven Chronicles,’ because without your talent and hard
work, there would be no show.” -Black Raven Paranormal

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