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Investigating some of the "reportedly" most haunted locations in America...

Bedford, Virginia

Background History

Built circa 1838 by William M. Burwell and his wife, Frances Steptoe Burwell, Avenel has been the centerpiece of social,
cultural, and political life in Bedford, VA for over 150 years.   In 1906, Avenel was purchased from the Burwell family by J.W.
Ballard and remained in the Ballard family until 1985 when it was purchased by the non-profit Avenel Foundation.   Guests of
the Avenel House include authors Edgar Allan Poe, George Bagby, General Robert E. Lee (the table from which he drank his
morning coffee still stands in the house).   The house is noted as well for its haunted history, with many reports
and sightings on a Lady in White in various areas of the house.

Letitia Burwell known as Miss Lettie is known to have died in the house.   She was one of four daughters to William
Burwell and is believed to be the lady in white.   In 1895, Lettie would write a book that would document her life at
the plantation.   Lettie's father William served with the 28th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War.   Lettie was
known to be engaged to a Captain Clark who also served during the Civil War.   In 1906, James Ballard
purchased the Avenel House and lived there with his wife and six children.   One of James daughters
Peggy Ballard-Maupin died in 1999 and had her funeral at Avenel, so fond of Avenel she was.

Investigation 03/27/2010 (9pm - 3am Investigators -- #5) -- Evidence --(1) Class A evp
Video below shows unexplained geophone activity upstairs while entire crew is downstairs

Investigation 09/19/2010 (9pm - 4am Investigators -- #4) -- Evidence --(2) Class B evps
Investigation 01/01/2011 (8pm - 4am Investigators -- #7) -- Evidence --(1) Class B evp
Investigation 02/16/2013 (8pm - 4am Investigators -- #3) -- Evidence --(1) Class B evp

Data recorded on investigations -- Audio, Video, Photographs, EMF, Temperature, Personal Experiences

Geophones activate in upstairs bedroom while all SVPS Investigators
are downstairs in the kitchen. (03/27/2010)

Avenel Plantation Photo Album